SAMA s.n.c BOX FACTORY was born in 2006 determined to continue the handicraft experience of his associates and employees in the paper-transformation industry. We value new marketing strategies according to the experience gained in the field.

It is essential for us to create high quality products at the lowest possible cost giving them visibility and attention to details.

Our expertise has dramatically increased thanks to innovative technologies, mutual co-operation, professional growth and passion to create new products.

Nowadays Sama Box Factory is a leader in the paper-transformation industry.

Our company makes use of state-of-art technologies and efficient organization.
According to our passion and dedication our team group realises products taking great care over packaging that we know to be an essential aspect.
Production is not yet completely automated but we do not leave out care of details and in order to satisfy our customers’ requirements we almost totally do our work by hand just like large-size boxes, boxes covered with hide, cloth or rice paper. We can put special details on the box in order to embellish or create a particular clasp.
We have a wide choice of products and we work with the customer to select the ideal one.
The excellent quality of our products finds evidence in the service we offer that comprise:

  • graphic design and devising
  • research about materials
  • prototypes design
  • boxes production

delivery of finished product to the customer



We want to offer a full service to our customers and, when prompted, we design box from scratch choosing the best typology according to customer taste and products that box has to contain. We study shape, materials and graphics by talking to external printers who follow the customer enterprise.

On customers demand we realize prototypes rapidly in order to have time to make modifications and find the ideal packaging.



Any sector, especially: shoe factory, shirt factory, silverware shop, leather industry, package, jewellery, glasses, pizza restaurant and foodstuffs, glassworks, distillery and gardening.



Furthermore, we produce boxes with accessories, special cases, snap-fit boxes, binders, special boxes for photographers etc.

In some cases, we provide thermo-formed inserts, die-cutting sponge and carton shape that must be contained in the box.

We often do die-cutting on behalf of a third party using our automated plants.